Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE – Chaos Corona 8 and 9 update (eBook)

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  • This 250-page eBook comes with 8 GB of new data that expands upon “Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE“, covering all the new tools in Chaos Corona 8 and Chaos Corona 9. Use the handy bookmark within to browse this guide’s contents – 150 pages on Chaos Corona 8 and 100 pages on Chaos Corona 9.
  • We generated hundreds of renders and comparison images to make learning quick and fun, and created 17 Full-HD animations (30 minutes of content) using the 17 professional scenes attached, plus 2 .cxr files to experiment with the new Cryptomatte Render Elements and the Tone mapping system. In this new eBook you’ll find references to topics already described in the physical book and in the Corona Renderer 7 update, though you can also use these new lessons and tutorials as standalone content.
  • This new update and related files are free and included in the package if you will buy the physical book.
  • Chaos Cosmos and Chaos Scans assets not included in the eBook. Please, use your personal Chaos account to download the required assets.


  • You can read a detailed description of this product via this LINK and in the related article on our BLOG.


250-page eBook for Chaos Corona 8 and Chaos Corona 9 updates in PDF format.

After purchasing the book, you’ll find the following in the DOWNLOAD section of your account:

  • the English-language eBook with convenient interactive bookmarks. 150 pages cover the Chaos Corona 8 update, while 100 pages cover Chaos Corona 9;
  • 17 new professional projects in .max format (8 GB of new data) covering ALL the new tools introduced by Chaos Corona 8 and Chaos Corona 9 (CoronaDecal, CoronaSlicerMtl, CoronaCurvature, Chaos Cosmos, Chaos Scatter, Cryptomatte, caustics, Tone mapping, CoronaProxy, CoronaMultiMap, CoronaPhysicalMtl, CoronaSky, CoronaPatternMod, CoronaScannedMtl, and ChaosScatterEdgeTrimming);
  • 17 animations in Full-HD resolution, totaling 30 minutes.


If you will purchase the physical book “Corona – THE COMPLETE GUIDE“,  “Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE – update 8 and 9” will be included in the purchase.

If you already bought “Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE“, you can buy the eBook “Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE – update 8 and 9” with 50% discount by using the same account you used to purchase the physical book, and typing the coupon code “50_Chaos_Corona_8-9_ENG” at our store‘s checkout page. Once the order is completed, the eBook and related files will be available in the DOWNLOAD section of your account.

A detailed description of the product is available via this LINK, and the full preview can be read in the related article on our BLOG.


  • AUTHOR: Francesco Legrenzi
  • PAGES: 250
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • FORMAT: eBook (pdf), A4
  • DIMENSIONI: 21 x 29 cm
  • EXTRA: 15 .max files, 17 Full-HD animations, 2 .cxr files (8GB)
  • PRICE: 89 euro (free if you will purchase the physical version)
  • AVAILABLE ON: March 2023 (eBook)
  • VERSION: Chaos Corona 8, Chaos Corona 9


    • 13.1. Download and installation
    • 13.2. The licensing system
    • 13.3. New tools and improvements
    • 13.4. Corona 7 vs Corona 8: the interfaces
    • 13.5. CoronaDecal
    • 13.6. CoronaSlicerMtl
    • 13.7. CoronaCurvature
    • 13.8. Chaos Cosmos
    • 13.9. Chaos Scatter
    • 13.10. Render Element Cryptomatte
    • 13.11. Render Element Caustics
    • 13.12. Tone mapping
    • 13.13. Corona Proxy
    • 13.14. CoronaMultiMap
    • 13.15. CoronaPhysicalMtl
    • 13.16. Corona Converter and toolbars
    • 13.17. Minor improvements


    • 14.1. Download and installation
    • 14.2. The licensing system
    • 14.3. New tools and improvements
    • 14.4. Corona 8 vs Corona 9: the interfaces
    • 14.5. CoronaSky
    • 14.6. CoronaPatternMod
    • 14.7. CoronaScannedMtl
    • 14.8. ChaosScatterEdgeTrimming
    • 14.9. Motion Blur – Shutter curve
    • 14.10. Out-of-core textures
    • 14.11. Minor improvements


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