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English user feedback

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Hi all,

this is a feedback writes by some users in all the World. The original thread is HERE.


Shin Chan Pu LINK
Bon Giorno, Francesco! I received your book yesterday afternoon. Good shipping, good packaging and overall excellent presentation. Inmediately, I started to look over the content, sections, pics... etc and I must say that the book is much better than I expected. Impressive work, Francesco. Congratulations. Thank you very much for this "Christmas gift", and I wish you a happy new year full of sales and success in everything you do. And of course, I will recommend this book to my colleages, mates, friends, pupils...Thanks & congratz again, Francesco.
Felix Romero.

akiefer LINK
Hello Francesco, Thank you for making this fantastic book available to english language!! I am a Mac OS X and Cinema 4D user of VRay and find your resource invaluable for in depth study of the VRay renderer. I am missing two important things in the book at this moment: IES discussion I was hoping to get a more in depth discussion in use of IES lights in VRay but found no info? It looks like VRay is a lot more complete on PC than on Mac since some shaders are not available on the Mac version. Also some of the filters are named differently on Mac than on PC (maybe due to connection with Max v.s. Cinema 4D) Maybe you can point me to some resources for more info on the IES usage and also on a resource that explains differences between Mac and PC VRay?
1050 pages is one of the biggest books now in my library (execpt my fiction Lord of the Rings trilogy wink.gif ) I admire the very hard you have put into explaining all the technical facets of the renderer. I am sure I will learn a lot from this definitive resource and I will contact my editor in chief of the dutch DZone magazine (dzone.nl) to ask if I can write a review on the book for tha magazine. Have a great holidays and best wishes for the new year! This is a very in depth book about VRay and studyong this tome will enable the reader to fully understand and apply his knowledge to VRay renders based on knowledge and not on guess work anymore. Lots of empirical data in there that literally saves me hundres of hours trying to figure this all out myself. A great value for money and a blessing that it's in English too now!
Thank you very much!
Albert Kiefer
visual designer

alawrence LINK
What a book! I have only had a quick look thought this massive beast of a book, about 50mm thick and rather like a yellow pages (but printed on in colour on great paper. 1024 pages + a DVD i have not tried yet. There are photos of real life examples of SSS, glass etc and vray materials and render settings to replicate them. First impressions? Great! Looks like everything is explained both literally and figuratively with colour images showing and the variations in Gi quality, reflections, glossiness, sampling etc. Going to take quite a while to read. Thankful there is a break coming up!

Yes, I completely agree! A very good book. I'm about half way reading it. A reference guide alone is most certainly not enough to learn how to deal with all the settings in VRay. Now I know much better when and why I should adjust certain settings. A good thing too, that not only the Vray stuff is explained but also the real life theory behind it. For instance, as a side effect my monitor is much better calibrated now. I own the Eye One Display, and only used it in simple setup mode, which was quite good already. But now I calibrated my monitor, that I use with my Epson 9600 and printserver at 5000 K. Calibrated it in advanced mode. Much better match between print and screen. I used to calibrate at 6500 K, because I never found good info when to use which colour temperature. So thank you for this extra lesson, I did not expect when ordering the book.
Now you know that at least one reader appreciates the (maybe boring) theory in this colour section of your book.

RErender LINK
I'm a little late to post but I wanted to give my highest recommendation to Francesco's book. I was honored to help with the translation from Italian to English, in doing so I have read the entire volume and in the process learned a lot. Francesco has a real talent in laying out the information in a logical and easy to understand fashion, the book is literally chock full of relevant tests and examples. I have always subscribed to a "big spins" method of learning V-Ray, where one learns what each settings does really only by testing the extremes of each setting. Francesco has taken the time to do this for every setting in V-Ray showing the results, the render times and when relevant, plotting the results with data such as memory use vs. render time. Studying his tests is "The" way to really understand what is happening under the hood. Beyond the nuts and bolts there are also some of the clearest and easy to understand discussions on LWF, Digital Color Theory, Cameras, etc. I have no doubt that anyone who reads his book will walk away with a better grasp of V-Ray and the related aspects of cg Viz.
Congrats Francesco!

simmsimaging LINK
Just a quick note to say thanks; this book has already been a huge help for me on my current project. Already totally happy and feel it was money well spent.

musashidan LINK
This truly looks like a beautifully crafted volume.A masterpiece of literature.congratulations.
Most CG books these days are softback and printed on cheap paper with B&W images. It's expensive but looks worth every penny.with the amount of data contained therein and the DVD.And the traditional string binding is a lovely(and practical) touch. well done sir.

sampage LINK
I just received this book, and it is fantastic. Very in depth look at all settings. You do have to be ready for a lot of information that is not 100% VRay however. For instance, when describing the Color Mapping settings, the author spends about 8 pages going over the different options, then about 50 pages on how the eye sees color, some color theory, and color management, then back into the explanation of the Color Mapping roll out. The 50 page interlude is useful in that it explains why certain setting lead to certain results, but you do need to stick with it a bit to get what you are after. My only real disappointment in the book is that there is no index. The table of contents is quite good and well organized, but sometimes it is nice just to be able to look up what you are after in an alphabetical manor. Lastly, the translation to English is quite good. As this is pretty technical material, I was worried that some of it might not translate well, but it is very easy to read. There are a few very isolated instances where a chart or illustration has isolated Italian notation, but nothing that stops you from understanding what is going on. It wouldn't be a bad idea in my opinion to offer it as a bundle option with the VRay product itself.

delna LINK
Hi delna here, this book was gifted to me, it is a fantastic book,you can realy master v-ray at great speeds, i will always say its of great help in disguise, even if you know v-ray. Very good for reverance.

ursache LINK
It's a very cool book, i'm impressed about everything, the pictures, the explanations, the chapter about the history of computer design, the photography technics....i am shure it will be a great help for my renderings (i am an architect). Thank you again Francesco and if you are planning to write other books or other stuff related to 3d max, future vray versions let me know.

BrianKitts LINK
It's friggin huge! I'm definitely impressed, I could have used this book a couple of years ago! I really like how it gives a ton of rendered images with various settings for every option in the engine, saves A LOT of time to test render and figure out which direction you need to be going.... being able to see how one button changed 10 different ways looks right away is great. I might have expected showing only 2 or 3 variations.... well done. great resource, I already informed that company librarian that this one will be permanently residing on my desk and anyone who wants can check it out from me!!

Hello Francesco, Delivery was perfect! Thank you for publishing this fantastic book! I am a 3dsMAX2008/09 user of VRayFINAL and find your resource very helpful!

Kristof.t LINK
Hi guy's, I have it and it's a verry nice book, Every detail is explained, ... Also there is a DVD with it. With software as 3DMAX demo, VrayDemo, .... renderings in high def, ... Greetz

Hi Francesco! I' have bought the VRay bible here at Macrocad Joep van der Steen, and I have to give you my very compliments. I like the book very much, and it is very clear and usefull to me. Although I have to read it form page 1 until the very end, I do enjoy it very much, and now I'm reading about the history of PC's, wow! times are changing!!
Thank you again,
Remco van Blokland
Amsterdam, Holland

Vencislav Valchev LINK
Hello guys. I have been reading this book for a while and all I can say about it is INCREDIBLE. Considering the price, I was a bit sceptical about this book but Francesco knows how to pass his knowledge indeed. This book is full of useful examples and explanations about every single aspect in V-ray. It can be used as textbook as well as quick reference at the same time. If you are serious about learning V-ray like a pro then this book is just for YOU. Regards Venci

Macho3001 LINK
fan-tas-tic book this !

I pre-ordered it (english), got it a few days back. Can't put it down !! the book contains all ( & I mean ALL !) possible permutations settings for all settings and variables in V-ray discussed with FULL COLOR illustrations of tests done by the author, so its great for advanced/ experienced users to keep as a ready referencer & guide right next to their system while rendering. Now there's no need to fiddle around with/test what a particular change to a particular setting will result in & waste valuable time. A definite buy this...

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