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Italian user feedback

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Hi all,

this is some feedback writes by italian users. The original italian thread is HERE.


toscy81 (student)
The book arrived today. I have to say the delivery was very quick. I didn’t expect such a huge book! The size and amount information that I discovered within by browsing through it is quite exceptional. A titanic effort for one person. I renew my congratulations to Francesco because it takes a great deal of constance and patience as well as competency to fulfil a work such as this. As soon as I start reading it, I will try to rate it on the basis of its content. For the moment you are close to perfection… so you definitely get a 10.

Alcoor (Graphic arts worker)
A huge thanks to Francesco, firstly because of the idea he has had, secondly for having decided to develop it and thirdly for having had the strength to finish it.
The big book reached me yesterday evening and when I opened it, it was like another Christmas (needless to say that the price is laughable when you think of all the things that people with less experience can learn without staying awake for nights on end, whuich is what I went through in early 2003/2004). The book is well bound and I really appreciated the first 150 pages which run through the history of CG and computers. The chapters in the book are divided extremely well and it is all crystal clear. The images also are absolutely fantastic, all colored, detailed and very well printed... and big when they need be! Thanks again to Francesco and all the people who helped, supported and understood him: 10 with mention and a big pat on the back!

Karonte (Designer)
Thanks Francesco! The guide arrived in record time. Although I must say I know VRay pretty well, the book (or rather BIBLE) is a well-worthy purchase. It is a MUST for anyone exploiting this engine to its full potential. Both for beginners and experts and whoever wants to have a proper organization of all information.

isilgalad (Grafic arts worker)
Thank you! Firstly for the quick time in delivery, I didn’t expect it to arrive bifore next week and instead this morning I had this wonderful surprise!!! The and mainly I thank you for the amazing job carried out....
Already seeing the preview I was pretty sure it would be an excellent product and after having browsed through it I am even more certain that this is one of the best purchases that I have ever made. I was particularly and pleasantly impressed by the amount of widening of subjects has been given to the chapters which explain the “notions” which are usually neglected because they are not considered essential for the use of software and which instead I believe to be a key factor with a fundamental role. I am sure it will be useful in fulfilling what has been my passion and dream since a few years ago...
Again, thanks for the time and effort you have put into this job!!!

roccolettieri (Architect)
A thorough job carried out with passion. Congratulations and thanks to the author. Absolutely not to be missed.

jonsoil (student)
Really a great book, written very well and it explains everything possibile about VRay… Congratulations to Francesco Legrenzi. For all it covers, 120 Euro is a very small amount, thanks again!

FOGGG (Freelance worker)
I am new to VRay and I am writing my first post after having bought the VRay guide.
I would like to congratulate Legrenzi on his professionality and for having created a unique work in this field... an amazing guide which finally opens doors to people like myself who have been trying for ages to find a way of setting up properly one of the best programs for rendering that exists. In my opinion this guide is a work of art because it allows beginners to become experts, by explaining in a complete manner, and with many images, every single aspect of Vray. I want to finally publicly congratulate Mr. Legrenzi, and thank him for having shared his knowledge with us. Good day to everyone.
PS. Delivery and quality of merchandise are impeccable.

Ale1975 (Geometrician)
Really nice manual both with regards to content and form. But especially deserving is the author who is extremely available and fast at responding to mails. Thank you!

mann (Geometrician)
Well done, really! Congratulations to the author for having covered the subjects thoroughly (at least from what I have read) but with a popularizing tone. I agree with the choice of not including complex tutorials, as I think for the way this book is conceived they would have been almost counterproductive; if one understands the nature of a plugin and the way it works, one finds the way to obtain good illumination and quality on ones own.
I find the price laughable and I want to explain why: anyone who has been working in CG for a few years know that knowledge is something you sweat for. As for myself, at the beginning I was given... information. I still have much to learn and 120 Euro is really no big deal compared to the time that I no longer feel like spending.

Lukes Kain (Freelance worker)
This morning the long-awaited Vray Guide arrived. As soon as I opened the box I exclaimed: “Oh my God! How lovely!!! And how big!!!”. I typically adore these types of guides but the one cecofuli has made is really something. I have never seen a guide dedicated to this field in the A4 format and this thick. I must say that I only got it this afternoon and have not looked at it fully, but from a quick look it is phenomenal. This time I will learn to use Vray properly, I’m sure of it. Also I like the look of it so much that I consider it a collector’s item as it is unique in its field. I feel I must give my most sincere thanks to cecofuli for having given birth to such a project. (I feel like crying when I think of all the effort you have put into it and I assure you that I will treasure it) and also to all those who have collaborated to give birth to this monstrosity (in the good meaning of the word obviously).

marquez190480 (Engineer)
Simply fantastic... Each page reveals new functions and tips; the only software guide that I am reading from the beginning to the end!!! Really, Congratulations.

flash (Geometrician)
Thank you Francesco, a very thorough guide and rich in very helpful explanatory illustrations, the inclusion of renders and commad screenshots is extremely useful, the comparison between different possibilities (often shown alongside each other so that one can immediately see the difference), and there is also much to be said for your personal suggestions supported by your own vast personal experience! I thank you for the great effort. Well done.

msimiliano (Geometrician)
I must agree with the congratulations I have read; I received the book yesterday and was left mouth agape for its constructive quality and mainly for the quality of the content and images. I am pretty sure that I can safely say, without fear or error, that it is the best guide I have ever seen. I want to take the chance to congratulate the engineer, Mr. Legrenzi and especially to advise anyone who has not done so, to buy the guide: it is worth more than its price!

falcon76 (Draughtsman)
Congratulations for real. This is one of “THE ONLY” computer books (and man have I read a lot of them) which you can read without sitting glued to the seat in front of the computer, because it has so many pictures which explain everything. I am also really surprised that the book is not just a bunch of broken-down tutorials, but a real and complete guide which teaches what ALL the parameters actually do. Sometimes even “bibles” don’t get that far.

fefed (Designer)
The level of detail in the descriptions and in the parameter commands is incredible. Definitely a turning point in the world of manuals. Pity about the “pocket size” format but I suppose there was no altenative! Happy reading everybody and congratulations again to Francesco!


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