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2x i7 920 vs Dual Xeon E5520- advise please

Posted: 19 March 2010, 15:39
by julianb
Hi all,
Did some digging around and found some helpful topics here and in other forums. But since I ONLY use VRay I consider this website to be the best place to ask. My current options are:

1. Buying two systems i7 920 2.66GHz each and adding them to my current two other systems as rendering nodes in a LAN network.
2. Buying a single system with a dual-CPU motherboard and two Xeons E5520 2.26GHz each on it (again it will be added to my current two other systems as rendering node through a LAN network).

I need to elaborate that I do not intend to overclock neither system nor I am interested in playing games. Price difference is not an issue (meaning I am satisfied with what 2x E5520 on a specialized motherboard cost at the moment but not willing to spend more on a better chip). The only interest I have is cutting down rendering times.
Which of the above options is better suited for that purpose? I checked some benchmarks (randomcontrol's frybench, 3dspeedmachine, cpubenchmark and other) but they compare 2x Xeon E5520 to 1x i7 920 and I do not know if adding a second i7 920 means doubling the existing score of a single one.
Is there anything special about having two Xeons E5520 on a single motherboard and running at 2.26GHz each that will overcome having two separate i7 920 2.66GHz each?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Re: 2x i7 920 vs Dual Xeon E5520- advise please

Posted: 22 March 2010, 2:17
by cecofuli
I think 2 i7 720 @ 3.8-4Ghz its a robust RF for now.
Remember that right now there are a new esacore i7980, and you can upgrade your i7 920.

I don't like the new E55xx CPU 2.26GHz . Too much expensive and you can OC a cheap I7 720 very well.
All my rendernode are i7 720 liquid cooler and work very, verywell. Main Ws is a dualXeon 5440 with 16 GB RAM.
Search on chaosgroup my thread about the i7.

Re: 2x i7 920 vs Dual Xeon E5520- advise please

Posted: 24 September 2010, 1:07
by julianb
Extremely sorry for not replying, after several days I just decided you were busy with other things.
I went for the 2x i7 920s some months ago, really happy with them. Although now I am also investing in GPU rendering- Octane, graphic cards, etc.
Again- thank you very much for your response and good luck with your impeccable work. It is simply AMAZING.