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Re: [EXTERIOR] - Mountain Villa

Posted: 31 May 2012, 9:43
by cecofuli
Here a screenshot :)



Re: [EXTERIOR] - Mountain Villa

Posted: 31 May 2012, 19:03
by domotiks
Hello Fracesco.

In the tutorial spot3D says the following:
"Note That the irradiance map can not be Calculated through backburner. It must be Calculated on a single machine. This is because we will use the Multiframe incremental Mode for the irradiance map."
Even a simple animation is time consuming to do the calculations using only one machine. In this case we can use the spawner? If yes, this does not compromise the quality of surrender?

Re: [EXTERIOR] - Mountain Villa

Posted: 31 May 2012, 21:47
by cecofuli
Multiframe incremental works well with DR :)

Re: [EXTERIOR] - Mountain Villa

Posted: 14 June 2012, 12:07
by XuanZong.Y
Hi cecofuli,

Can you tell me how to do make a real road system like your image?

If there is any good ways to do it?If draw the texture with ps and mapping them back?

Can you share your experience with me?


Re: [EXTERIOR] - Mountain Villa

Posted: 14 June 2012, 15:16
by mxander
This is really inspiring! I also want to make a nice natural looking garden but I don't know where to start. I thought I should include some trees, a lot of grass and some flowers like dandelions from time to time I already checked for more inspiration... I hope it will look as good as yours... but since I'm a beginner i doubt that ;)

Re: [EXTERIOR] - Mountain Villa

Posted: 16 July 2012, 22:41
by Jellemer
Really love all of your renders, they look just so natural and clean. The silly thing about architecture is that the environment is as important as the actual building. To create a realistic environment is the hardest thing to do if you ask me, a whole other dicipline then designing a building. Thats what makes rendering an art.

ps. I noticed that the car barely fits the garage :)