[EXTERIOR] - Mountain Hotel

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Re: [EXTERIOR] - Mountain Hotel

Post by robaczka » 20 February 2013, 12:34

It is amazing and makes a lot impressioned! I am so excited of this! It looks like a project of small city!

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Re: [EXTERIOR] - Mountain Hotel

Post by Kiernan.M » 27 March 2013, 11:37

Nice work, the scale of these projects and render quality is quite impressive.

How do you guys do the Terrian Models (ground, levels, roads etc..)? Are you given them by the client from other software or are they made in Max?

I've always found this the hardest in a project believe it or not! :)

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Re: [EXTERIOR] - Mountain Hotel

Post by cecofuli » 27 March 2013, 11:42

For the terrain, I used the Terran object (with CAD spline) in Max and I retopologized inside max.
Road it's a classic poly-modeling, with some sweep profile for the walking area on the left and side of the reoads. I had only the CAD file. All was created in Max.

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