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by mxander
14 June 2012, 15:16
Topic: [EXTERIOR] - Mountain Villa
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Re: [EXTERIOR] - Mountain Villa

This is really inspiring! I also want to make a nice natural looking garden but I don't know where to start. I thought I should include some trees, a lot of grass and some flowers like dandelions from time to time I already checked for more inspiration... I hope it wil...
by mxander
14 June 2012, 7:33
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Topic: How can I clean my white leather sofa?
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Re: How can I clean my white leather sofa?

Not quite sure what you are actually looking for here. But to consider things plainly, I would suggest that you choose the materials and textures that you are going to build it with. With the shader, I suppose that could come a little later with confidence on how it is going to be finished and toppe...
by mxander
14 June 2012, 7:31
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Though not something that is easy to handle, it would be nice to be able to get something going with VRAY. It would be nice to partake in awe of their introductory courses that would further help you get in sync with the software and all of its requirements that I hope will serve you just right. Tha...
by mxander
14 June 2012, 7:30
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Topic: What's Your computer specification?
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Re: What's Your computer specification?

I have an i5-2610k processor on my computer, going with 16gb worth of RAM, 1 TB of hard disk space for all my files and a 1GB Palit video card. I am not that familiar with the type of graphics card yet because I just got the one that my friend actually suggested me to get. It goes with a 23inch wide...
by mxander
14 June 2012, 7:28
Forum: Compositing
Topic: Compositing in Photoshop
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Re: Compositing in Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the few tools that is not that easy to master but I am certain that when you are able to perfect what you want and need with it, there will be no other problem that you are going to face but being able to be successful at your line of work. Though not a lot of emphasis have been ...