Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE (English version)

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The world’s first book for Corona Renderer. All .max files, textures, and simulations shown in the volume are attached to the book, for a total of 20 GB of data available in your account once purchased. You will also receive two Dual-Layer DVDs, containing the same files as in the download section. See the following page for a more detailed description. Max 5 books per order.



The creation of good quality renders and animations using 3D modeling programs and rendering engines is reaching an increasing number of people day by day. For its simplicity and ease of use, Corona Renderer is the most modern rendering engine currently on the market. This color illustrated manual provides the reader with all the tools to acquire a gradual and deep knowledge of Corona Renderer. The strength of this volume is the huge number of ready-to-use .max files, available in your account for download once the book is purchased (20 GB). In this way, you will be able to “touch” each image included in the guide, studying and analyzing each of its parameters. Also attached are two Dual-Layer DVDs containing the same files as in the download section. To learn more about the book, click on this link.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 28 × 5 cm


  • AUTHOR – Francesco Legrenzi.
  • PAGES – 700.
  • FORMAT – A4, 90gr matte, coated.
  • COVER – semi-rigid glossy hardcover, 380gr.
  • BINDING – casebound.
  • WEIGHT – 2.0 Kg.
  • DIMENSIONS – 20x28x5cm.
  • EXTRA – two Dual-Layer DVDs (.max, .psd, etc.).
  • PRICE119 euro 79 euro (limited time offer) + shipping costs.
  • AVAILABLE ON – January 2021.


  • Ch. 03 : CORONA – Scene TAB
  • Ch. 04 : CORONA – Camera TAB
  • Ch. 05 : CORONA – Performance TAB
  • Ch. 06 : CORONA – System TAB
  • Ch. 07 : CORONA – Render Elem. TAB
  • Ch. 08 : CORONA – OBJECTS
  • Ch. 10 : CORONA – MAPS
  • Ch. 11 : CORONA – SCRIPTS


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20 reviews for Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE (English version)

  1. Claudio Gallego (verified owner)

    More than a decade ago, i bought the first Frencesco’s book : The complete vRay guide.
    For years it became sort of a bible, or let’s say my bedside book, the book i used each time i needed any technical information about vRay.
    I’ve been teaching vRay for about 10 years, and this book was really precious to me.

    Then i felt in love with Corona Renderer, by chance, working on a really big theme park project with friends. So i moved my production to Corona renderer, never went back.
    I’ve been to Praha, at Render Legion’s (Chaos Czech) headquarters, to become “primary instructor”.We got a big technical book there, what is already great.

    But i was secretelly waiting for a miracle, saying to friends that i’d like a “Complete Guide” about Corona, like i had for vRay, with scientific-approach and all parameters axplanation, with lots of tests.
    Now that dream came true, Francesco did it, and this will become Corona renderer’s bedside book /bible. Somewhere you can look into to get answers, and to remind you all that is important when using Corona renderer.

    Thank you Francesco, great job ! Don’t forget to write add-ons when new features will be released 😉

    Claudio ‘Naxos’ Gallego – 3D teacher – 3D maker – 3D anthousiast since Amiga500

  2. Robert Holmes (verified owner)

    Very deep and detailed guide. The best (and unique) guide for Corona Renderer. Thanks a lot to the author. I recommend the book to everyone!!! A best buy!

  3. Russell Traill (verified owner)

    The first thing you will notice when receiving the book is just how high quality the finish is, from the beautiful glossy cover through to the pages themselves.

    But the book is not just great to hold! It’s packed full of example scenes and detailed explanations, if you’ve ever wondered how something in Corona Renderer works, wonder no more – buy the book!

  4. tom schreurs (verified owner)

    I think in my carreer, i was very lucky to be surrounded by amazing people who helped me. Sometimes it was a small push which was needed, sometimes it was a bit more. Nevertheless that was something i really needed. And i am very grateful for them. Francesco is one of those people. I had no idea how hungry i was for his book untill i opened the first page. Before realising I was caught up in turning many pages, again and again. The world is filled with great artists who learned how to express their way of art. I believe that with hard work any of us can become an amazing artist. Einstein said: “creativity is, intelligence having fun”. With this book you will have access to soo many tools so your creativity can blossom and you can become the best version of yourself. My sincere gratful appreciation for your amazing work Francesco! Your book is an eyeopener and a stepstone to next level! Gracie Mille ❤️

    Creative Balloon at Wonderland Architecture

  5. EddiShin (verified owner)

    I try to study corona render by myself, every time I feel thirsty about some of the skills of rendering.

    I hope to get something from your book for my rendering knowledge and your effort.

    My country hasn’t got this kind of book, so I just want to get more and more deeply knowledge about this kind of job.

    I think your book is going to deserve that’s why I am willing to pay that cost.

    I haven’t read your book yet, but I am exciting for being time.

    If you have more ideas of helping me or a new one, please let me know.

    God bless your business and health.

    Thank Francescolegrenzi!!

  6. Raghu Meena (verified owner)

    Having read V-Ray The complete Guide thoroughly in the past, which was an amazing reference and certainly helped in clearing my doubts. I hoped for this book to be of the same calibre and information. Certainly, it did deliver.
    I wholeheartedly recommend this book to whom so ever want to clear their Corona concepts and build a solid foundation of the software. Basic and Fundamental knowledge is the best way to move forward rather than coping and following some tutorial over internet.

  7. Piyush Sharma (verified owner)

    Finally I got my ‘Corona the Complete Guide’ by Francesco Legrenz. I must say this is really an amazing book especially how everything is explained with some examples.
    It’s very helpful and I recommend this book to all those who already have experience in 3ds max and beginners.

    Wonderful job Francesco Legrenz!
    Best Wishes!
    Piyush sharma

  8. marcin-corona (verified owner)

    Knowing Francesco personally, I was one of the few lucky ones who actually knew that he was working on a book. I even helped Francesco by sharing my professional knowledge of Corona Renderer, but I never knew what exactly the final product would look like.

    The end result has definitely exceeded my expectations, and I am sure not only mine! Francesco has put insane amount of time and effort into creating his “Corona Renderer: The Complete Guide” book. Actually, it is not only the book, but also various 3D content: scenes, materials, models, and more, which combines into the most comprehensive Corona Renderer guide ever printed.

    I can honestly recommend this guide to any Corona Renderer user (be it a beginner or a professional), and to anyone interested in 3D graphics.

  9. mgwnetrza (verified owner)

    The best guide book I’ve ever had!
    It explains in detail how the Corona rendering engine works. Each button and slider is described. Lots of models and scenes for testing on plates.
    A very helpful guide.
    Francesco – amazing job !!!
    I strongly recommend this complete guide.
    Thank you Francesco, thank you Chaos Czech.

  10. Dusan Vukcevic (verified owner)

    I learned a lot from “V-Ray: The Complete Guide”, so buying this book was a no brainer. Corona Renderer is easy to learn and to use, however I found a lot of useful things in this book that will help me with my projects. I love it when I learn something new, no matter how small. Those small things often turn out to be big in the long run. Francesco explains everything in such detail, it’s rare to see this level of effort and dedication these days.
    Superb book quality. It’s really nice to skim through the pages and look for hidden gems of this amazing renderer.
    Do yourself a favour and buy this book.
    Dusan Vukcevic @vudumotion

  11. Lucas Rodrigues (verified owner)

    Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE is undoubtedly the best investment that a 3D artist can make to delve deeper into the Corona Renderer features. The book is incredibly detailed and well-produced.
    All, absolutely all of the features of Corona Renderer are available in this book.
    I recommend it to everyone

  12. João Pedro Pereira (verified owner)

    Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE is, without a doubt, the best book is incredibly detailed and well produced. Quality of the content and detail are the best I’ve seen to date, if not the best.
    All, absolutely all of the features of Corona Renderer are available in this book. No matter how many doubts you have, just look a little in the book to find a solution for what I’m looking for.
    I recommend it to all artists whether they are starting now or already have a stable career, May THE COMPLITE GUIDE be with you

  13. MATIAS FRANCISCO JIMENEZ (verified owner)

    Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE is the Bible for us in pics.com.ar. The book is complety detailed in all the explanations of each problem.
    All 3D Artist that work with Corona should have one copy of this book. The book is very well produced and with high detailed explained.
    Here in the studio everyone is using the book to evacuate their doubts. Thanks a lot and congratulations! PICS TEAM!

  14. Alexander Frolov (verified owner)

    My name is Alex. I’m 36 and I come from Russia. Recently I got your book and the truth is I’m still amazed how good and well-structured it is. Firstly I wanted to deepen my knowledge on several specific topics but then I realised that almost every page contains something new for me, and these bits of information are really crucial. Even now after one week of reading I see my work skills improving. What would happen after I finish the whole book? =)

    I feel so proud and happy to have a book written by somebody who took the responsibility and created a manual for 3D artists from all over the world.

    I hope that you won’t stop on this and will update the book as the new versions of apps are released.

    This is a ton of work. Thank you!

  15. Kirill Kuzenkov (verified owner)

    I was lucky enough to purchase Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE. At first I was doubtful because of the high cost for the book, but after buying and reading it, I absolutely do not regret it, and I recommend it for purchase. Clear and interesting practical material, which is worked out in great detail. It is written succinctly and understandably, after reading there are no questions, only positive impressions.

    Francesco Legrenzi, thank you so much for this guide!

  16. Santiago Sanchez (verified owner)

    One of the best bibliographic sources on Corona Renderer that currently exists with global availability.
    Technical guides explained and analyzed in a way that no one has done before, without a doubt, one of the best investigative sources on Corona Renderer so far.
    Recommended 100% for all types of users, students, viewers, enthusiasts or professionals in the CG world.

  17. Francisco Koehler (verified owner)

    Another great read from Francesco Legrenzi. Very clear communication and explanation on all Corona Renderer settings and concepts. Took me some time to read it all as it really is the most comprehensive source of information on Corona Renderer, but it was worth it and now is always sitting on my desk. Finding information is quick and easy with all subjects being clearly written and illustrated with many examples.
    Although I’ve been using Corona since the Alpha version there’s still many things to learn and the provided files make it very easy to follow and understand the subjects.

    Thank you Francesco for all the work you have put on the best guide for Corona Renderer!

  18. vaporesszo (verified owner)

    There is a huge difference between knowing how to do something, and understanding the whole subject.

    Yes, you can make fancy materials, more or less correct lighting and stuff, but if you want to _understand_ what you are doing and why you are doing it, this book is a must have.
    I’am sure you saw hundreds of corona tutorials on youtube (just like me), but this book is not like that. This book is not some kind of a corona tutorial collection, this book is about the deepest possible level to understand the main concept of corona renderer, and after you understand it, you will have the knowledge to use it for your own purpose.
    In the past years, I always had a strange feeling while I was watching corona tutorials on youtube, that the most important thing is missing. Its just like you can use dozens of modifiers of 3dsmax, and can model anything, but if you dont understand deeply what topology is about, you dont understand 3dsmax at all, and you are just faking something.

    Franceso Legrenzi is not “just” a professional, but more like a scientist of this subject.

    Do you have a question about corona renderer? Do you have a hundred? Everything is in the book. And when I say everything I mean it.
    The first time when I opened his book and flip through, I instantly felt his perfectionism. The whole structure of it, the chapters, the examples, everything is so logical, and crystal clear that all I had to do just read a little, and think a lot, and repeat it, for hours, every day.
    I think if you want to learn something you have to read about it from paper and not from monitor. Thats why it’s a great thing you can keep this beautiful book in your hand, it makes an inward connection between you and the subject.

    This book is perfectionist in every possible way, and if you are serious about photorealism you have to own a copy of “Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE”.

  19. umidarch1998 (verified owner)

    One of the biggest steps towards learning architecture visualisation was made because of the book Corona.

    This book helps a lot in understanding of the concept of corona renders. I am sure this is the best book I have ever read.

  20. TARIK HATTABOĞLU (verified owner)

    A great and informative book that you can find everything you need to become a professional in Corona Render

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