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Corona Renderer: THE COMPLETE GUIDE - testimonial 01
( THOMAS M. GRIMES - OFFICIAL marketing Specialist of Chaos Czech )
Despite delays due to snow, finally it arrived! It’s amazing how every page is PACKED with information and detail, no space is wasted, and the book is so complete that despite getting right to the point on every topic, it’s still huge! Heck, there’s even 11 pages on the Corona Fractal and those are just the “for fun” things, so you can imagine the info on the functionality you use every day. Corona Renderer THE COMPLETE GUIDE testimonials
( ANDER ALENCAR - Founder and CEO at Oficina3D )
The book is great, it has illustrations and text about every detail. I loved the complete Corona Renderer guide, book by Francesco Legrenzi. I found it very complete, showing every detail of the software, in a written and illustrated way, making it much easier to understand the operation of this incredible tool. Congratulations Francesco for the work Very helpful. 👏👏👏! Corona Renderer THE COMPLETE GUIDE testimonials
( MARCIN MIOTEK - Head of Chaos Czech tech support )
Knowing Francesco personally, I was one of the few lucky ones who actually knew that he was working on a book. I even helped Francesco by sharing my professional knowledge of Corona Renderer, but I never knew what exactly the final product would look like. The end result has definitely exceeded my expectations, and I am sure not only mine! Francesco has put insane amount of time and effort into creating his “Corona Renderer: THE COMPLETE” book. Actually, it is not only the book, but also various 3D content: scenes, materials, models, and more, which combines into the most comprehensive Corona Renderer guide ever printed. I can honestly recommend this guide to any Corona Renderer user (be it a beginner or a professional), and to anyone interested in 3D graphics.! Corona Renderer THE COMPLETE GUIDE testimonials
( RUSSELL TRAILL - OFFICIAL marketing Specialist of Chaos Czech )
The first thing you will notice when receiving this book is how high quality the finish is, from the beautiful glossy cover to the pages themselves. But the book is not only great to hold! It’s packed full of example scenes and detailed explanations, if you’ve ever wondered how something in Corona Renderer works, wonder no more – buy the book! Corona Renderer THE COMPLETE GUIDE testimonials
( IVAN ZABALZA GONZALES - CEO & Founder at Seña Paula )
Francesco Legrenzi’s book is without a doubt the best guide we can find for Corona Renderer. It’s curious when you think you know everything and realize you still have a lot to learn. Very interesting reading. Corona Renderer THE COMPLETE GUIDE testimonials
Corona Renderer: LA GUIDA COMPLETA - testimonianze 02
( CLAUDIO "NAXOS" GALLEGO - 3D teacher - 3D maker - 3D anthousiast since Amiga500 )
More than a decade ago, I bought Francesco’s first book: “V-Ray: THE COMPLETE GUIDE”. For years it became sort of a bible, or let’s say… my bedside book, the book used each time I needed any technical information about V-Ray. I’ve been teaching V-Ray for about 10 years, and this book is really precious to me. Then I fell in love with Corona Renderer, when working with friends on a big theme park project. So, I moved my production to Corona Renderer, and never went back. I’ve been to Prague to become a “primary instructor” at Render Legion’s (Chaos Czech) headquarters, where we received a big technical book full of information. However, I was secretively waiting for a miracle, saying to friends that I’d like a “COMPLETE GUIDE” about Corona Renderer, like I had for V-Ray, with a scientific-approach and all parameters explained and tested. Francesco has made this dream come true, and this will become Corona Renderer’s bedside book / BIBLE. Somewhere you can search for any answer, and to recap all that is important when using Corona Renderer. Thank you Francesco, great job! Don’t forget to write add-ons when new features will be released.
Corona Renderer: THE COMPLETE GUIDE - testimonials 06
( OZAN CAKINZ - Creative executive Wonderland-Architecture )
I think in my career, I was very lucky to be surrounded by amazing people who helped me. Sometimes it was a small push which was needed, sometimes it was a bit more. Nevertheless, that was something I really found helpful, and I am incredibly grateful. Francesco is one of these people. I had no idea how hungry I was for his book until I opened the first page. Before I realized it, I was caught up in the pages, again and again. This world is filled with great artists who have learned how to express their way of art. I believe that with hard work any one of us can become an amazing artist. Einstein said: “Creativity is intelligence having fun”. With this book you will have access to so many tools so your creativity can blossom, and you can become the best version of yourself. My sincere and grateful appreciation for your amazing work! Your book is an eyeopener and a stepping-stone to next level! Best purchase for knowledge so far! “Grazie mille” Francesco, you are officially one of my heroes!
Corona Renderer: LA GUIDA COMPLETA - testimonianze 03
( FEDERICO SCHINTU - Student at the Faculty of Architecture )
Finally, a Guide for Corona Renderer with a capital G. Every parameter is fully explained, and every aspect has been thoroughly explored, for total knowledge and mastery of this rendering engine. All accompanied by images and practical exercises to clarify every single tool. You can “feel” the incredible amount of research behind this manual. I recommend this guide to all Computer Graphics enthusiasts! Corona Renderer THE COMPLETE GUIDE testimonials
Corona Renderer: THE COMPLETE GUIDE - testimonials 04
( SAMUELE STEMERRA - Architectural Designer )
Since I became interested in Corona Renderer in the middle of my university career, I’ve always wondered why no guide was available to give newbie users the possibility to train with this engine. It is difficult to not get lost among the hundreds of tutorials on the net. Yes, often these video tutorials get you the desired result, but they create great confusion and leave you with important learning gaps, as well as being repetitive and not very thorough. When the announcement of this guide appeared to me on IG, 10 minutes later I had bought it. Unlike many other dedicated guides, video courses, and software for architects on the market, this book can truly be defined as a COMPLETE GUIDE, with great attention to every detail, both conceptual and graphic, and it is a pleasure just to have it in my hands. While Francesco was working on his guide, I became a certified user of Corona. I would recommend this guide specially to experienced users who want to improve and learn everything about this engine. The only suggestion to fully enjoy this book is a deep knowledge of 3ds Max. Thank you Francesco for your dedication!
Corona Renderer: THE COMPLETE GUIDE - testimonials 05
( ERNESTO DI GREGORIO - Founder & CEO at CAD Service )
Years ago, I decided to switch from Mental Ray to V-Ray. I chose the guide for V-Ray written by Francesco Legrenzi because I needed a more technical approach, and I must say I found the answer to all my questions. Of course, it was a “heavy brick”, and its study was a considerable effort, but I was fully rewarded. After many years and long debates and discussion on “V-Ray vs Corona”, I gradually decided to leave V-Ray for Corona Renderer last year. Even though Corona Renderer is a much more intuitive engine, many things were unclear to me. I have read a lot online, even paid for courses, but I’ve never been completely satisfied. I immediately ordered the book for Corona Renderer when Francesco announced it because I was sure it would have all the answers to my questions. When the book arrived, I could have easily skipped many chapters and focused on aspects that were unclear to me. However, I decided to start reading the manual from the first page and, as I continued reading, I discovered that I had missed many important topics. Compared to V-Ray: THE COMPLETE GUIDE, this book is “lighter”, it is a guide for everyone, for newbies users or professionals who have been using Corona Renderer in production for a long time and want to perfect some highly specialized aspects. My advice is to purchase Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE without a second thought.
Corona Renderer: THE COMPLETE GUIDE - testimonials 07
( EMILIO SEGHEZZI - Planner and interior designer )
This is the guide I was waiting to deepen the potential of this amazing rendering engine. Having purchased Francesco’s V-Ray: THE COMPLETE GUIDE, I was already sure of the accuracy and clarity of the information in this new guide. After reading it, I can confirm this impression. I recommend this book to all users already experienced in 3ds Max, who are interested in gaining greater control in the use of the software, optimizing the workflow, and improving the quality of their projects. Corona Renderer THE COMPLETE GUIDE testimonials
Corona Renderer: THE COMPLETE GUIDE - testimonials 08
( ANDREA CALZAFERRI - Interior designer )
What to say! Fantastic product!!! Compared to the usual, repetitive courses (even paid) that superficially explain how to produce renderings with Corona Renderer and are often of dubious origin, Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE is the real, genuine manual for this fantastic rendering engine. All parameters (really all) are explained in a clear and technical way without leaving anything to chance, allowing the reader to learn how to master Corona Renderer. Knowing Francesco and his previous work (V-Ray: THE COMPLETE GUIDE) this was what I expected: you impressed me again! The quality of the printed book with its countless explanatory images is excellent. Attached to the guide there are also more than 20 GB of digital material (.max files, textures, videos, simulations, etc. …), which help the reader to better understand the concepts explained. Carrying out the exercises of the book following the explanations of Francesco is a very effective learning method. What to say more? I never saw such a comprehensive book at a truly affordable price. Thank you Francesco Corona Renderer THE COMPLETE GUIDE testimonials
( SIMONE PELLEGRINI - CG Artist - Interior designer )
I bought this book even though I’ve been using Corona Renderer for four years. I have never taken any courses. I learned everything through the web, although I always hoped for a real guide like this, which could guide me step-by-step and allow me to understand the differences between the various settings and parameters. Even after the first few pages, I am able to make improvements to my scenes thanks to the lessons learned from this book and noticing significant progress! I finally found a real manual with everything useful for my projects. You guys did a wonderful job. So, really congratulations! Corona Renderer THE COMPLETE GUIDE testimonials
( FRANCESCO SCARPELLI - Building-Architecture Engineer )
I reserved the guide as soon as I heard it was being printed. I think I was one of the first to receive it, and I have to be honest: I was amazed! It deals with all the necessary topics and it clearly states how the program works, even to the most inexperienced. Before, I used to play with the various parameters, if I may say so, “by feeling”. After reading your guide, now I know exactly what I’m doing, but above all, why! This is a tip to new Corona Renderer users or more experienced professionals: the guide is really well done and is a unique piece of art! Thank you very much Francesco for your work. Corona Renderer THE COMPLETE GUIDE testimonials
As a Mac and Cinema 4D user, Corona Renderer is the best solution for working subtly and efficiently on larger projects. I got on with Corona very quickly. Now with Francesco’s book, I have a reference book that answers all my questions. The book is very informative and full of details. Even though the book was written for 3ds Max, as a Cinema 4D user you will quickly find your way around. Compliments, all manuals should be like this! Corona Renderer THE COMPLETE GUIDE testimonials
( ALEXANDER FROLOV - Photographer for business, 3D artist for passion )
I’m 36 and I come from Russia. Recently I got your book and the truth is I’m still amazed how good and well-structured it is. Firstly I wanted to deepen my knowledge on several specific topics but then I realized that almost every page contains something new for me, and these bits of information are really crucial. Even now after one week of reading I see my work skills improving. What would happen after I finish the whole book? =) I feel so proud and happy to have a book written by somebody who took the responsibility and created a manual for 3D artists from all over the world. I hope that you won’t stop on this and will update the book as the new versions of apps are released. This is a ton of work. Thank you!
( ANTONIIO ANDRE', Designer )
The Holy Bible of Corona Render. High quality images, examples, and ready files to use and practice. You will improve your knowledge and skill. “Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE” will lead you into the next skill step. You will find detailed and precise knowledge on every parameters. It’s not a simple “book”. It’s a manual to use with every project you have. Thanks Francesco!
( CARLO CHAMBI - CEO & Founder of Canvas Render & 3D )
I am a Peruvian architect based in Germany. I have been in the world of 3d modeling and visualization for more than 10 years. A few months ago I started to be interested in Corona Renderer due to the potential of the program, but I encountered many difficulties in trying to understand one hundred percent of this tool. Discovering the book Legrenzi Studio marked a before and after in my training as a 3d artist, all my questions and doubts were answered in a masterful way by this unmissable book. Corona Renderer THE COMPLETE GUIDE testimonials
( DENIS SYTNIK - Designer and 3D artist )
I received the book today. Thank you Francesco, there is no limit to my happiness 🙂.  The book gives me a lot of inspiration, and I am sure that, after reading it, the level of my work will increase significantly. So much useful information! Wow:)
( DUSAN VUKCEVIC - Freelancer, 3D artist and musician )
I learned a lot from “V-Ray: THE COMPLETE GUIDE”, so buying this book was a no brainer. Corona Renderer is easy to learn and to use, however I found a lot of useful things in this book that will help me with my projects. I love it when I learn something new, no matter how small. Those small things often turn out to be big in the long run. Francesco explains everything in such detail, it’s rare to see this level of effort and dedication these days. Superb book quality. It’s really nice to skim through the pages and look for hidden gems of this amazing renderer. Do yourself a favor and buy this book.
( FRANCESCA IMPERIALI - Designer and 3D artist )
I met Francesco fifteen years ago. We were colleagues in a design studio for a long time, and I approached the world of rendering thanks to him. I immediately thought he was “as crazy as a horse” 😉 but also a little genius (at the time he explained V-Ray to me), and immediately I became passionate about 3D graphics. The guide is like him: very precise in every aspect, the book leaves nothing to chance, it is very clear and comprehensive.  I would define his best “render”. For people like me who want to switch from V-Ray to Corona Renderer, this bible is the turning point. I recommend it to everyone.
( GorkStudio )
Today we’ve received our copy of “Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE”. A unique edition which includes analysis of everything what is in this render engine.⠀ Actually Corona is a relatively simple tool, but even after flipping through this book you can immediately find a couple of unclosed gestalts on some topic which you haven’t already worked with. It is also very convenient in training new people. It seems to be nostalgic when flipping through it as with student book or a computer theme’s book of the early noughties.
( IVAN DE CARO - Architect )
Invaluable tool for an accurate knowledge of Corona Renderer. This book will allow you to deepen all the necessary topics to manage the scenes created with Corona Renderer and to produce quality renders. I recommend “Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE” to anyone who already have experience to Corona Renderer: you will surely find something new to learn and explore. Also, newbies will finally have an excellent starting point for their studies. Compliments for the print quality and for the concreteness of the contents.
( JEANNOT TSIRENGE - CEO at ajat21architect.com )
Since I have been involved with Corona Renderer 2 years ago, I was looking for a book. Finally, I found this one: Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE. Taking a quick look at what this book contains, I can only say there is lots of info that I have not read or knew. Thank you, Francesco Legrenzi, for making this available!!!!
( JOAO PEREIRA - 3D artist at PressRender )
“Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE” is, without a doubt, the best book is incredibly detailed and well produced. Quality of the content and details are the best I’ve seen to date, if not the best. All, absolutely all of the features of Corona Renderer are available in this book. No matter how many doubts you have, just look a little in the book to find a solution for what I’m looking for. I recommend it to all artists whether they are starting now or already have a stable career. May THE COMPLETE GUIDE be with you!Corona Renderer THE COMPLETE GUIDE testimonials
( JOHN RANKIN - retired from Aerospace )
This is an amazing book! High quality printing, well designed chapters and colorful examples. Corona Volume Grid is covered extensively in 21 pages with detailed explanations. So much better than web tutorials. I am a 3DS and MAX user since the 1991 initial release and have used a succession of renderers, MR, V-Ray, Redshift and now Corona Renderer. This is by far the most intuitive and with this book, a real time saver. Thank you Francesco. Congratulations! P.S. I purchased the guide in March and waited for it to arrive, to eventually find that the postal service, USPS had lost it in NY. Francesco graciously sent a replacement. He is my hero!
( SALVO MACCARRONE - Visual & Models Designer at eyecad VR )
“Page after page, the immediacy and expertise of this book will overwhelm you. Excellent – couldn’t recommend it more highly.” Scrolling through the pages you can immediately feel the energy and years of work spent on this guide. Thanks to the simple and immediate language, even an average user will be able to make the most of the Corona Renderer tools. The numerous files inside the DVDs allow you to better understand the chapters of the guide, involving the user in a comprehensive and rewarding learning experience. Even the most experienced professionals will be able, thanks to the guide, to refine their techniques, speeding up many processes long taken for granted. The collaboration between Legrenzi and Chaos Czech has created a very high quality product. I absolutely recommend it!
( MATIAS JIMENEZ - CEO pics.com.ar )
“Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE is the Bible for us in pics.com.ar. The book is very well detailed in all the explanations of each problem. All 3D artist that work with Corona should have one copy of this book. The book is very well produced and with high detailed explained. Here in the studio everyone is using the book to evacuate their doubts. Thanks a lot Francesco and congratulations!
( PIOTR MIKICIUK - 3D artist )
The best guide book I’ve ever had! It explains in detail how the Corona Renderer engine works. Each button and slider is described. Lots of models and scenes for testing on plates. A very helpful guide. Francesco – amazing job!!! I strongly recommend this complete guide. Thank you Francesco, thank you Chaos Czech, well done!
( PIYUSH SHARMA - Architect )
Finally I received my copy of the book “Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE” by Francesco Legrenzi. I must say that  this is really an amazing book, especially how everything is explained with many examples. It’s very helpful and I recommend this book to to anyone who already experienced in 3ds max and to beginners. Wonderful job Francesco!
Perfect guide, aimed at everyone who wants to advance their knowledge of this magnificent render engine. Thank you Francesco Legrenzi and for making the content available in the highest quality!
( RAGHU MEENA - Rag3DViz.com founder )
Having read “V-Ray: THE COMPLETE GUIDE” thoroughly in the past, which was an amazing reference and certainly helped in clearing my doubts. I hoped for this book to be of the same caliber and information. Certainly, it did deliver. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to whom so ever want to clear their Corona Renderer concepts and build a solid foundation of the software. Basic and Fundamental knowledge is the best way to move forward rather than coping and following some tutorial over internet. Thanks Francesco for your wonderful work. The whole 3D community should be grateful to you.
( RAFFAELLA RICTER - 3D artist and interior designer )
The book is fantastic. It explains in detail all the parameters, materials, and everything you need to achieve a professional renders. It consists of numerous illustrations (more than three thousand) showing the Corona Renderer parameters set with incremental values. Legrenzi’s method helps a lot to understand in advance what happens when you change the Corona Renderer settings. Finally, you can also combine theory and practice by following the countless tutorials in the book. I recommend this guide wholeheartedly!


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