Corona Renderer is a popular 3ds Max plug-in with  strong capabilities, which allow us to produce outstanding photo-realistic images of exceptional quality. Its mastery does not imply excessive study or extended practice. Rather, Corona Renderer has always made simplicity its strength. However, ease of use does not mean that Corona Renderer is a software with low capacities and little flexibility – quite the opposite. Programmers have skillfully calibrated the software to allow the creation of precious “out-of-the-box” renders, and it will almost never be necessary to change the default settings. It is also true that the Corona Renderer control panel, which consists of hundreds of parameters, is quite complex and, after installation, you have to study new materials, maps, objects, light sources, cameras, and much more. Understanding their use in depth will require a certain amount of energy and time that may not  be available. Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE  is the first book in the world dedicated entirely to Corona Renderer for 3ds Max. Its purpose is to provide the widest possible knowledge for beginners or those starting from scratch; in fact, the structure of the book in fact is created to provide a gradual learning process in the world of Corona Renderer. However, thanks to Corona Renderer’s exploration of hidden areas, even professionals can discover advanced rendering techniques. The guide (size 20x28x5cm) consist of 700 full color pages with over 1200 images and 2200 renders. Bound with great care, it is paperback stitched with thread for increased durability. Two Dual-Layer DVDs  with hundreds of exercises are attached (20 GB of data), containing ALL the .max files used to write the book, as well as textures, animations, Photoshop, and After Effects files.


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The book is divided into 11 CHAPTERS:

  • Ch. 01 : Introduction
  • Ch. 03 : CORONA – Scene TAB
  • Ch. 04 : CORONA – Camera TAB
  • Ch. 05 : CORONA – Performance TAB
  • Ch. 06 : CORONA – System TAB
  • Ch. 07 : CORONA – Render Elem. TAB
  • Ch. 08 : CORONA – OBJECTS
  • Ch. 10 : CORONA – MAPS
  • Ch. 11 : CORONA – SCRIPTS


  • Author : Francesco Legrenzi.
  • Pages : 700.
  • Format : A4, 90gr matte, coated.
  • Cover : semi-rigid glossy hardcover, 380gr.
  • Binding : casebound.
  • Weight : 2.0 Kg.
  • Dimensions : 20x28x5cm.
  • Extras : two Dual-Layer DVDs (20GB, .max, .mov etc.).
  • Price : 119 euro + shipping costs.
  • Available on : Novemberber 2020.
  • Corona version : 6.0 FINAL.


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. CHAPTER 02 Corona Renderer

. CHAPTER 03 Scene TAB

. CHAPTER 04 Camera TAB

. CHAPTER 05 Performance TAB

CH. 05 - Indoor fly-throught animation
CH. 05 - Outdoor fly-throught animation
CH. 05 - Indoor dynamic animation
CH. 05 - Outdoor dynamic animation
CH. 05 - Displacement Size

. CHAPTER 06 System TAB

. CHAPTER 07 Render Elements TAB

Ch. 07 - CESSENTIAL RE : Beauty
Ch. 07 - CGeometry RE : UvwCoords
Ch. 07 - CGeometry RE : Velocity
Ch. 07 - CGeometry RE : WorldPosition
Ch. 07 - CGeometry RE : ZDepth

. CHAPTER 08 Objects

Ch. 08 - CoronaProxy: Tree
Ch. 08 - CoronaProxy: Forest
Ch. 08 - CoronaVolGrid

. CHAPTER.09 Materials

Ch. 09 - CoronaMtl: Subsurface Scatter
Ch. 09 - CoronaVolumeMtl: God Rays
Ch. 09 - CoronaVolumeMtl: 2D Clouds
Ch. 09 - CoronaVolumeMtl: 3D Clouds
Ch. 09 - CoronaVolumeMtl: Volum. clouds

. CHAPTER 10 Maps

Ch. 10 - CoronaBmp: Dome mode
Ch. 10 - CoronaDistance: Intersecting objects
Ch. 10 - CoronaDistance: Foam shader
Ch. 10 - CoronaTriplanar

. CHAPTER 11 Scripts


Two Dual-Layer DVDs with all related material (20 GB of data) and 117 .max files are attached to the book. Each scene was designed and created specifically to demonstrate particular parameters. There is no better recipe for learning software than by playing and analyzing carefully crafted files: names of objects, layers, and materials were chosen to facilitate understanding of Corona Renderer. Many 3D scenes are animations, and the final sequences of the exercises can be viewed in .mov format (more than 50). No rendering engine in the world has ever had such a large amount of educational material in a single volume.