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Buying European goods in Iran is particularly difficult due to international sanctions.
Amir Reza Teymouri, our friend and talented Iranian 3D artist, took this situation to heart and is now part of our team as an official reseller of our book “Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE“.

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The Arch-viz movement is very active in Iran. Many amazing artists live here making stunning 3D images on a daily basis. One of them is Amir Reza Taymouri.

In the summer of 2021, this young artist bought our guide through the help of a friend of his, living in Europe. During these months, we received hundreds of e-mails, and most of them contained requests about how to purchase the book in Iran. Due to international restrictions, buying and receiving European goods in Iran is particularly complex, if not impossible. Amir cares a lot about his country, and after a long chat, we realized that Iran needed a dealer.

I am pleased to introduce to you Amir Reza Taymouri, our official reseller for Iran.

Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE in Iran - Amir photo

Official dealer for Iran: Amir Reza Taymouri



Hello! My name is Amir Reza, I am 32 years old, Iranian, and live in Tehran. I graduated from Sooreh University, earning a master’s degree in architecture in 2017. I have more than 10 years of experience in many 3D modelling projects.

I worked with many architectural companies, and I founded my own company in 2015, (Fig. 01). I specialize in architectural CGI visualization and use several different pieces of software and plug-ins. 3ds Max is my main software, with V-Ray/Corona for rendering. I use software such as Forest, Vantage, and Lumion for my projects. I also currently work as a freelancer, collaborating with architects and companies all over the world.

Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE in Iran - Amir website
Fig. 01 - Amir’s website.

I want to thank you, Francesco, for writing such a comprehensive book. I have been using Corona for 4 years now, have read dozens of articles, and watched many videos and courses on Corona; but none come close to your book in terms of quality and depth. Thanks to your “bible”, I discovered areas of Corona that I didn’t even know existed. Every page is a real eye-opener! Your volume is very easy and enjoyable to read: nowadays it’s impossible to find someone who takes the time and the burden of making such an articulate and complete work.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity and confidence to be part of your team as an official reseller of your book.

Amir's projects

I admit, I didn’t know Amir before he purchased our book – the world is full of talented artists, and it is objectively impossible to know them all.
In any case, I want to bring to your attention some projects of his that are particularly worthy of being enjoyed in all their beauty (Fig. 02).

Fig. 02 – Some Amir’s projects.


Books in Iran

Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE is now in Iran (Tehran) and all volumes were subjected to customs control. They are available for purchase from Amir Reza (Fig. 03).

Fig. 03 – Some of the books currently in Iran.

Purchasing procedure

Buying the book in Iran is very easy now:

1. Contact Amir.

2. Send your data to Amir.

3. Make a bank transfer of 99 euro (shipping costs included), and wait 2-3 working days for Amir’s confirmation of receipt of your payment.

4. The book is shipped via Iranian postal service on the next business day after payment is received. You will be provided with the tracking code.

Thank you!

Thanks to the Iranian friends who have believed in my project so far, but especially to Amir, who has allowed this new line of connection between Italy and Iran.

Francesco Legrenzi
Engineer, author, and 3D artist

“دوستان ایرانی جدیدم
مطالعه خوبی داشته باشید. امیدوارم موفق باشید”


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