3D design, animations, and photo-realistic renders

LEGRENZI STUDIO is a modern graphic studio based in Bergamo (Italy), offering 3D rendering, animation, e-learning, and 3D graphics since 2007.

Aware of the rapid changes in today’s world, we have always had an open eye toward new technologies. We have developed considerable experience over our years of study and 3D representations, and offer our customers designs made with the best tools on the market.

E-learning and 3D graphics - Design


Design and 3D modeling of interiors, exteriors and concepts.

E-learning and 3D graphics - Animations


3D architectural animations and mechanical simulations.

E-learning and 3D graphics - Catalogs


Photo-realistic visualization of civil and industrial buildings.

E-learning and 3D graphics - Consulting


Consultancy services and business teaching.

E-learning e grafica 3D - Relief
E-learning and 3D graphics - Production
E-learning and 3D graphics - Execution
E-learning and 3D graphics - Delivery


Planning, pre-production, execution, and delivery

Starting from basic projects and freehand sketches, up to more complex architectural projects and photorealistic company catalogs, LEGRENZI STUDIO creates impressive three-dimensional graphics. The determination and passion with which we work gives life to our creativity and allows us to offer effective advertising solutions and winning ideas. Availability, friendliness, and competence are our core values. We build solid relationships of trust, which translates into a reliable service that you can count on.


Engineer, Author, and 3D artist

  • Francesco Legrenzi began his journey into the world of 3D in 1997, using 3D Studio Max v1.0, and quickly developed a passion for computer sciences applied to visual arts. In 2001 he discovered V-Ray v0.10, a program that became his main working tool in the following years.
  • Between 2002 and 2008 he was placed in charge of the “lighting & modeling” department of an important architectural Milan firm. From 2005 to 2008 he wrote V-Ray: THE COMPLETE GUIDE, the world’s first written guide to V-Ray.
  • From there he started freelancing until, in 2015, he began work on Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE, the world’s first written guide to this powerful new 3ds max rendering engine.
  • In 2019 he became a PRIMARY CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR for Corona Renderer.
E-learning e grafica 3D - Corona Primary Instructor
  • Over his long career, engineer Legrenzi has mastered programs such as 3ds Max, Chaos Corona, V-Ray, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, and Marvelous Designer.


Books and e-learning

In the world of 3D there are only a few professionals we can call innovators and true pioneers (Saluto, Alex Knost, Paul Neal, Allan Mckay, Zuliban, Baldasseroni, and Alex Roman just to name a few). There are no “magic systems” for producing quality renders, though from time to time online we may come across pseudo-gurus – braggarts who claim to have created “miraculous methods”, but are only summarizing what has always been available in the public domain. The truth is, we are all part of one enormous family that, every day, shares its experiences and enriches the community.


E-learning e grafica 3D - Corona: LA GUIDA COMPLETA - Verticale

Back in 2007, being the first writer to create a manual for VRay (VRay: THE COMPLETE GUIDE), and spread knowledge of the software on a global level, required a certain amount of madness. The same goes for the world’s first manual for Chaos Corona (Corona: THE COMPLETE GUIDE).

Strange as it may seem, the creation of both guides was possible only thanks to the work of hundreds of people, if not thousands. All of you – you who write hundreds of discussions across multiple forums, you who made tutorials and free guides for the web. You who simply replied to my messages. To all of you, I say “thank you”! What I did was nothing more than to collect, over these twenty years, your comments, reviews, and suggestions, and with a bit of experience and organization, create my two manuals.

In this way, I’ve helped more than 7,000 people through my e-learning systems, and that number is constantly growing. If you want to be part of this family and give your contribution, you can visit our shop by clicking the button below.


Support for companies and firms

In addition to offline training, we offer on-site and streaming consulting for 3ds Max. Specifically:

  • architectural modeling
  • texturing
  • rendering e post-production
  • animation
  • post-production video
  • management of production pipelines
  • e-learning and 3D graphics

Hourly rate (60 minutes): 50 euro+VAT