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Re: [INTERIOR] - Sofa

Posted: 29 September 2008, 18:55
by marty030
Well, think I´m on the right path getting to know it. Although I still wish I could get my images crisper in terms of contrast. But overall, yeah, it works for me.

It´s basically about taking care of all image data going through Max using a gamma of 2.2. So the bitmaps you use come in with 2.2, you see your materials that way, you render with it and you get results based on that which can be viewed correctly in your image application like Photoshop.
That´s the way I prefer it, although you could go for another one by channeling everything to a gamma of 1.0.

I´m sure Cecofuli will have a chapter about this in his book. If you can´t wait PM me and I could give you quick start.

Re: [INTERIOR] - Sofa

Posted: 29 September 2008, 19:07
by cecofuli
Hi guy,

i change house, so i'm a "little" busy :wacko: . Anyway, im the book there is a full chapter for light and LWF with in-deph explanation.

I want to show you that this book is a "COMPLETE GUIDE", not "PRACTICAL GUIDE" or "TUTORIAL GUIDE" like built a diamond shader, or good night illumination. No, i explain ALL VRay tools, with real example, but no tutorial. For this, Internet is full by VRay tutorials.

I use a default IM parameters, excetp for Min, Max rate, HSPhr subdivs and Interp.

Bye :)