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Re: [INTERIOR] - Sofa

by cecofuli » 29 September 2008, 19:07

Hi guy,

i change house, so i'm a "little" busy :wacko: . Anyway, im the book there is a full chapter for light and LWF with in-deph explanation.

I want to show you that this book is a "COMPLETE GUIDE", not "PRACTICAL GUIDE" or "TUTORIAL GUIDE" like built a diamond shader, or good night illumination. No, i explain ALL VRay tools, with real example, but no tutorial. For this, Internet is full by VRay tutorials.

I use a default IM parameters, excetp for Min, Max rate, HSPhr subdivs and Interp.

Bye :)


Re: [INTERIOR] - Sofa

by marty030 » 29 September 2008, 18:55

Well, think I´m on the right path getting to know it. Although I still wish I could get my images crisper in terms of contrast. But overall, yeah, it works for me.

It´s basically about taking care of all image data going through Max using a gamma of 2.2. So the bitmaps you use come in with 2.2, you see your materials that way, you render with it and you get results based on that which can be viewed correctly in your image application like Photoshop.
That´s the way I prefer it, although you could go for another one by channeling everything to a gamma of 1.0.

I´m sure Cecofuli will have a chapter about this in his book. If you can´t wait PM me and I could give you quick start.

Re: [INTERIOR] - Sofa

by kjverine » 29 September 2008, 17:26

Hey marty030,

Have you gotten the hang of LWF as of yet? I hope in this book their's a clear explaination and examples of using LWF. I found my lighting when using linear to have some burning issues on some areas.

Re: [INTERIOR] - Sofa

by marty030 » 29 September 2008, 16:46

I think you can presume he works in a LWF.
I´m stunned by the crispness of the textures, too. But I think it´s only one piece of the puzzle, to have optimized bump maps. The combination of image sampling and IR calculating must be others.
Are you a fan of the delone triangulation, cecofuli ? ;)

Re: [INTERIOR] - Sofa

by kjverine » 29 September 2008, 16:34

Did you use LWF for these images? I see that you spent some time on those textures. In my opinion the textures make these images like sooo real. Will you explain in your book how to make textures like those in the images? Also, will you go into details on setting up LWF and the benefits of it?

Re: [INTERIOR] - Sofa

by marty030 » 29 September 2008, 13:21

Hello, cecofuli !

I´d like to pre-order the book, too, if that´s possible.
It´s hard to wait another month...


Re: [INTERIOR] - Sofa

by cecofuli » 24 September 2008, 17:43

Hi kjverine

thank's for your comment :oops: . Yes, send me your files, so i can watch your works.
I thinks that soon on treddi.com we put a news for the Pre-order. But, with the pre-order, you have the ability to buy the book before the other user. I will send you the link for to order the book.
You've the precedence, becouse the link is not in the website.
This is the PRE-ORDEr. Is not binding for buy the book.
And, for now, i don't know the exact price, becouse tomorrow i will go to my DHL company for establish the shipping cost.

Bye :)


Re: [INTERIOR] - Sofa

by kjverine » 24 September 2008, 13:31

Hello cecofuli,

I have been following your work for a long time. I am very anxiously awaiting the english release of your book. Is there a way to pre-order it so i don't have to wait that 3-4 days for the currency to be cleared? I am working on a project that is very personal to me. Looking at your work gives me inspiration to keep going. This project will be part of my portfolio to get into arch university. Can I show you some of the renders i have done so far? I also would like to know if there is any chance of you doing some animations on some this stuff you are producing ;) These renders are sooooo nice to look at. I study the way your lighitng is done and the textures are true to life. Makes you feel as though you can touch the objects in your scene.

PS. Let me know if its cool to send you some of my work I'm doing?

Re: [INTERIOR] - Sofa

by cecofuli » 23 September 2008, 19:15

This is some fur test


Re: [INTERIOR] - Sofa

by cecofuli » 23 September 2008, 19:14

Ehhh... nothing to magic. Only good texture with good B/W color range. Not too White and not too Black. This is my "secret" ehh... :)

My book i think will be ready to the end of October.